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unless otherwise specified, i'm probably talking about my main site here

19 September 2023

bruh who's practicing violin in their dorm room who gave them permission to have such gorgeous tone

13 March 2023, again

new blog on the main site! Also finally pulled some links out of cold storage (the html comments) and put them into /stuff

13 March 2023

lmfao http://www.badastronomy.com/bitesize/bigsky.html

8 February 2023

Man I haven't updated in a while. Doing a poetry/Shakesphere unit rn in school, it's been pretty cool.

16 January 2023

aight i made the code a lot cleaner by taking out all those layering functions n stuff. also added a few more buttons n toys n stuff <3

13 January 2023

i feel a bit silly doing the whole {layers} thing in my static site generator when i couldve just prepended / :skull:

anyways, more links added and another blog. also, the 404 error shows up even if you're not in the root directory. hence the / prepend thing.

i really want to get the blog.html generation done asap (the one i thought about in https://amuffin.is-a.dev/blog-posts/wikipediaFunnies.html).